Original Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft Store

Original Store on Formby Rd

Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft was founded in April 2004 by then 22-year-old Simon.

From what started out as humble beginnings in his parent’s garage in 2005, Simon then opened a retail/manufacturing outlet in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia and 3 years later employed Australia’s only whipmaker apprentice at that time.

Simon says “People were sick and tired of cheap overseas imports and I found customers were very happy to pay extra to buy quality Australian made products. If it wasn’t for this we wouldn’t be in business now. I’m thankful to all of our customers that keep coming back which has allowed us to expand the range of retail products we offer. The fact we stand 100% behind in whatever we do or sell has helped our business immensely.”

Simon began the business focused on manufacturing his own brand of products but the retail store now includes a huge range of products, both imported and Australian made, but still focusing on quality.  The store sells well-known brands including RM Williams & Akubra and has become a popular tourist destination in Devonport for young and old.

Whips purchased on this website may not be made by Simon unless requested. If you would like Simon to custom make a whip for you then please visit www.whipmaker.com.au. Simon currently has nearly a 2 year wait time for orders.

Our New Store in Spreyton

Simon Martin Whips New store in Spreyton

The Team @ Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft

Simon & Sophie Martin (Owners)
Simon & Sophie Martin (Owners)Simon Head Craftsman/Founder & Manager, Sophie - Simon's Wife & Admin
Simon spends most of his time making custom made kangaroo whips but is also passionate about helping any customers that come into the retail shop. Sophie is a home mum, does the banking run and loves to open any stock that arrives in.
Andrew (Maker 1)
Andrew (Maker 1)Craftsman
Andrew was our 1st apprentice in 2008 and had a time away from Devonport before returning to work for us in 2018. He works full-time as a mechanic but helps us out when we are behind on orders. Andrew loves making matched pairs of Latigo Stockwhips and is always up for a chat to any customer.
William (Maker 2)
William (Maker 2)Craftsman & Head Saddler
William started his apprenticeship with us in 2010 and has continued working with us since then, although he did explore outback Australia for a time. He is a talented horseman and craftsman. He is responsible for making our saddles and he loves a challenge in making any custom made leatherwork.
PatrickDistribution Manager
Patrick is our jokes man and keeps us laughing all day. Responsible for phone calls, invoicing and sending out all our stock. He has been with us since 2016 and a valued member of our team.
SamaraAdmin & Craftsmen
Samara began with us in 2018 and works casually with us while also being a full-time mum. Happy to help out with admin or making some of our belts. She also loves to serve customers and will greet you with a smiling face.
Bonnie (Maker 3)
Bonnie (Maker 3)Admin & Craftsman
Bonnie is the newest member of our team and often answers the phone or helping with packing orders. When she is not doing that she will be making belts or doing repair jobs. She has begun making our latigo whips and also wants to serve coffees from our new store one day.